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Telling The Government Where To Find Your Gold, OR, Staking A Gold Mining Claim! Part Two

By: J.C. Allen

This is part two of “Telling The Government Where To Find Your Gold” OR Staking A Gold Mining Claim.

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Cross Filing or Over Staking Gold Claims…It happens

Now the BLM says they have no jurisdiction over matters concerning ownership of claims that are top filed over existing claims, over staking should be determined and will be determined through civil court actions between rival claimants.  So cross staking, or over staking, or whatever you want to call it, that’s a civil matter not a federal one so that your local district court would take care that.

This is part of a transcription of my recent podcast episode for The Gold Prospecting Show, How To File A Gold Mining Claim After You Know Where To Find Gold! Listen to the audio version here.

So how do you go about locating and staking a gold claim?

You have to post the location notice in a conspicuous place at the point of discovery of locatable minerals as soon as discovery is made.  Placer claims are monumented at each claim corner to mark the location distinctly on the ground the maximum size is 20 acres per individual claimant up to 160 acres.  If eight people or companies get together they could claim essentially 160 acres in one block.

Similar to a placer gold claim, lode claims have six monuments each one at each claim corner and in the center of the sidelines. Lode claims are limited to 1500 feet in length and 600 feet in width, 300 feet on either side of the center-line, so that’s I used locate and stake your claim!  That is staking a claim literally staking a claim there’s those requirements.

The different staking requirements for the different type of gold (or any mineral) mining claims…

staking where to find your gold claim
How To Properly Stake Where To Find Your Gold Lode
staking where to find a gold placer claim

How To Properly Stake Where To Find Your Gold Placer Claim

You may only have to mark each corner of the placer ground BUT there are SIX monuments, three on each side of the center-line, for a lode gold claim.  Those location notices have to be filed within 90 days.  That’s with the County Clerk’s office and the BLM state office!!

Staking Your Gold Claim! Gold Mining Fee & Filing Requirements

All mining claims must be recorded and accompanied by all the representative fees. Now currently it’s $34 location fee, $140 maintenance fee, and that’s actually the fee for the first year of location assessment.  Each year there’s a maintenance fee or you have to prove on or sign an affidavit and file the affidavit that you’ve done some work on the claim.  I believe it’s $100-$150 worth of annual work and then there’s also $15 service fee.  That’s with the BLM and anything is not timely filed with the BLM are going to be rejected and void!!!

Let me tell you how it lays out on a gold claim Location Notice…now the BLM does provide a blank template for filling out information, but me read you one from 1924 in my neighborhood and this one is not in the USGS mine report!!!

Goes through:

“know all men by these presents that we the undersigned each being a citizen of the United States over the age of 21, under the provisions of an act of Congress entitled an act to promote the development of the mining resources of the United States, approved on May 10, 1872, and acts and parts of acts amendmentory thereof, in supplemental thereof, and then other revised statues the United States, in accordance with local customs and rules of miners, have this day discovered claim to located and by these present do claim and locate the following described placer mining ground containing a valuable deposit of gold silver platinum consisting of 160 acres for mining purposes, to wit and then it goes through the legal description… Township Range section Meridian… [which is why I spent so much time covering that at the beginning] we do situate in this county in the state of Wyoming together with all and singular water in timber rights incident thereto, and all rights franchises, easements, and privileges thereto and shall be known as the ______ claim and is claim and located on this ground the sixth day of October 1924.”

Then it provides the name of the eight locators and what I want to do, since this one is not in any USGS gold mine information or other filing book or anything, not in the LR 2000.  So I will be doing some digging will see who were these folks that were actually filing this claim!!  Were they locals and see what else I can pull up but it gives me exactly where to go based off the public land survey system, and I can find exactly what’s been going on!!  How long they worked the ground, how many years they maintained their gold mining claim, and everything else!!!

Well, that concludes the first few steps on how to file a mining claim hope that helped you out this is JC with e Gold Prospecting .com!

Stay tuned for more information on “How To File Your Own Gold Claim After Prospecting!”

[simple_series title="How To File Your Own Gold Claim After Prospecting!"]

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