Yukon Gold Placer Atlas

Yukon Interactive Gold Placer Atlas To Help You Know Where to Find Gold

This is a phenomenal resource to quickly scan a specific watershed for claimable areas. In addition, the Atlas provides over 20 information layers…geology, protected/park boundaries, current placer operations, and much more….all specifically with application to placer mining.

Yukon Interactive Placer Watershed Atlas

It does require Microsoft Silverlight to view, but the site will direct you to the plug-in for install should you need it.

A sample overview shot, in the main program linked above you can zoom in and get details on most any spot…yellow dots: current operations; orangish lines: claims; red hash area: unclaimable land.

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A quick “How-To” Use The Placer Watershed Resource:

Once you open the Atlas, click the toolbox icon in the upper right.

Then click “Show Layers” in the upper left.

Expand any layer category and select/click the Layer(s) you want showing.

Wait for the refresh.

To get the information on any particular spot/claim/etc…find the “Analysis” tab at the top of the toolbox bar, select your “Identify” mode…pinpoint for single site, or polygons for multiple. You can then drill down to the particulars, including all the way to a complete .pdf claim report like this example. These detailed reports show complete information including: Work History, Equipment Used, and Geology.

To create a custom map from your selections, including any drawings or labels you might choose to place on the map…click the “I want to…” button on the upper left side of the map, and scroll down to “Create a Printable Map.” Make any changes you want to modify then “Create File.”

I sincerely wish the USA’s mineral bureaucracy, the BLM, could provide this level of interaction with publicly funded resources. Sadly that is not the case.

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