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Gold Prospecting In Arkansas - Click to see Jason’s Arkansas “gold” finds! See other Arkansas Gold Locations   Current Arkansas Gold Prospecting News:  on April 18, 2013, we got this from J. E.: Gold was found in Madison county and Washington county Arkansas just last month. It was fine gold mostly and 1 nugget that I seen. A friend of mine showed me the gold and spots he found it. as soon as I find a pan I’m going. J.E. came back after his prospecting trip and let us know that he did find some color, but he kept the stream and specifics to himself 😉 So all you Razorback prospectors, get out there, have fun with friends and family prospecting.  And remember, actually finding gold is just extra, the real treasures are the memories you will make! Maximize your prospecting time in the field by speeding up your sample panning BEFORE you go!  See how I do it… Or if you want to learn more about prospecting research for Arkansas, take a look over my shoulder as I scan for more interesting spots…  Where To Find Gold In Arkansas Summary Report How To Use: All information contained in this report are links or snapshots of useful information for you to use during your eGold Prospecting. Should you need additional help, catch up with us at e Gold Prospecting where you will find resources for “HELPING YOU MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK“! Location: Arkansas USA Area Geology: 2008 Arkansas Mineral Yearbook (pdf): No mention of measurable gold production Arkansas Geologic Map Overlay (requires Google Earth™ mapping service to view) Precious Metal Locations: Locations with precisous metals…click linked ID#’s for location details: GOLD DEPOSITS-ID#, Name, Country, State, County 10235160 Julius Hess United States Arkansas Pulaski 10235127 Kellog Mine United States Arkansas Pulaski 10400426 Old Spanish Diggings United States Arkansas Garland 10009220 Otto United States Arkansas Sevier SILVER DEPOSITS–ID#, Name, Country, State, County 10009219 Bob Wolf Mine United States Arkansas Sevier 10009220 Otto United States Arkansas Sevier 10103773 Gap Ridge Mine United States Arkansas Pike 10211663 Donaghey Property United States Arkansas Montgomery 10232207 Bruce Farm United States Arkansas Sharp Local History: No major discussion found of any historical gold or silver mining. However, some has been and is reclaimed while mining for lead and other metals. Local Summary: GOLD IN ARKANSAS?? Snipped from Arkansas Geology Site: “the AnnualReport of the Arkansas Geological Survey for 1888 – Volume I. The conclusion was that no workable quantities of gold existed in the Ouachita Mountains region. In 1923, investigations by U. S. Geological Survey geologists in the vicinity of Hot Springs, Garland County, revealed sparse amounts of silver and gold in vein material associated with igneousdikes. In summary, no payable quantities of gold have been discovered in Arkansas.” SILVER IN ARKANSAS? “All significant silver mineralization in Arkansas is associated with hydrothermal lead-, zinc-, and copper-bearing quartz veins scattered throughout the Ouachita Mountain region. The deposits are present mostly in small fracture-filling quartz veins which formed in tightly folded sedimentary rock of Paleozoic […]
TEOTWAWKI & Gold - Do It Yourself Rockin' Gold Cradle-How To Build A Rocker Pulling from different sources on the best way to process placer gold, we have started a new DiY prospecting & mining equipment project. Building a Gold Cradle or Rocker.... Here is the final product... Follow along here to see JC's Rockin' Gold Cradle as it comes together from scratch and runs its first "pay-dirt" (though sadly that will be a few more months until the creeks unfreeze & start running. Stage#1...Material Read more [...]
Find Landmarks To Prospect Around - When you take on volunteer-help prospecting or gold mining, either by choice or just because your wife's brother is in town, be sure you make a fully informed decision.  Work will taper off as pay continues and the rate of pay will increase....until no work is done! Be sure to share this on your favorite social network, unless you are the volunteer, then immediately call me at 888-963-9375 extension 3.  The cost to remove this evidence is 1 or 2 troy ounces....depends on yer attitude 😉 Read more [...]
New Research Resource For Today’s Gold Prospector - What the heck is LR2000 and how can it help my gold prospecting? Watch this short video and I will show you 😉 By:  J.C. Allen The LR2000 is the Bureau of Land Management's system of compiling all the mining claims in the USA.  While mostly focused on the heavy public lands in the Western states, you can use the report to find if an area is already claimed or open for gold prospecting. IMPORTANT NOTE:  The LR2000 mining claim reports do not specify the mineral being mined!!  Use Read more [...]
GPS Resource for Helping You Find Gold - By: J.C. Allen This is part two of "Telling The Government Where To Find Your Gold" OR Staking A Gold Mining Claim. Read the rest in our series: [simple_series title="How To File Your Own Gold Claim After Prospecting!"] Cross Filing or Over Staking Gold Claims...It happens Now the BLM says they have no jurisdiction over matters concerning ownership of claims that are top filed over existing claims, over staking should be determined and will be determined through civil court actions between rival Read more [...]

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